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Suzanne Galbreath
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Commercial Capture Express

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Xenith Bank's commercial customers can make daily deposits more conveniently with our Commercial Capture Xpress service. Using a PC, a simple desk-top scanner and Xenith Bank’s Commercial Capture Xpress you can scan, submit and deposit all of your checks electronically from the convenience of your office.

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What is Commercial Capture Xpress?

Commercial Capture is a new technology which allows commercial customers to deposit checks electronically from their offices using a compact check scanning machine. Using the Commercial Capture machine, checks are scanned and the images are saved in an electronic image file. The scanned digital images are then transmitted electronically to Xenith Bank for posting and clearing.

Commercial Capture is an extremely secure process, featuring multi-factor authentication, multiple security levels and controls, and encryption.

Depositing your checks remotely is largely made possible by 'Check 21' legislation. Check 21 gives us the opportunity to replace labor-intensive, paper-based check processes with quicker, safer, image-based handling and clearing services. The result will be faster deposits, more efficient collections, and tremendous convenience for you and your business.

Click here for a Demo of Commercial Capture Xpress

Benefits of Commercial Capture

Efficient Deposit Process

  • Reduced time spent on deposit preparation and presentment
  • No trips to the bank... spend your time on more important things 
  • Later deadlines for same-day deposits
  • Reduction in transaction errors and transaction time
  • Improved month-end and quarter-end processing
  • Reduce return item (NSF) risk
  • Digitized data enables easy access to scanned check records

Increased Funds Availability

  • Accelerated clearings
  • Consolidate deposits received at multiple locations into a single account
  • Quicker investment of available funds
  • Reduced Day Sales Outstanding (DSO); quickly turn sales and receivables into cash

Reduced Costs

  • Eliminate courier costs
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Consolidate deposits into one account. Reduce multiple bank relationships,
  • Greater employee productivity

Click here for a Demo of Commercial Capture Xpress