Account Switch Kit

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Declare your independence from high fees and red tape.

Easily switch banking services to Xenith
Set up direct deposit and automatic payments
Take advantage of our products and services

You have a lot of hassles in your life. Doing your banking shouldn’t be one of them.

At Xenith, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and convenient branch locations. Bank on our wide range of financial products, including high-interest savings accounts, low-cost loans and we-got-your-back identity theft protection. It only takes a few minutes to switch your accounts to Xenith.

Take these steps to make the switch

  • Download our switch kit and fill out an Account Closure Authorization for your old bank
  • While you’re at it, sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck
  • Arrange for automatic payment of your mortgage and other bills from your new Xenith accounts
  • Xenith teammates can help you with your transition