Financial Institutions Team

W. Jefferson O'Flaherty
EVP, Private Banking
Phone:(804) 433-2216

Phil Rudder
SVP, Private Banking Relationship Manager
Phone:(804) 433-2483

Stephen McNiff
Team Manager
Phone:(804) 420-1260

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Financial Institutions

The Financial Institutions Group at Xenith Bank works with community banks and credit unions to provide a competitive alternative to overnight Federal Funds Sold.

We offer a high-yield Money Market program for financial institutions, providing the liquidity and security required in today’s environment.

Xenith Bank’s financial strength and industry experience support our commitment to developing strong partnerships with our customers.

Financial Institution Money Market Account

Our Financial Institution Money Market accounts are priced at an attractive spread over current Federal Funds rates. 

Other key features are as follows:

  • Interest on deposits is calculated on a 365-day basis
  • Up to six debits per month
  • Simple interest accrues daily and is deposited to your account monthly
  • Cutoff time for same-day investments is 2:00 p.m. EST
  • Minimum balance of $250,000
  • Maximum balance of $5,000,000

Financial Institutions Team

Thomas W. Osgood
EVP, CFO / Chief Administrative Officer
(804) 433-2209

Carter E. Buxbaum
SVP, Strategy & Funding
(804) 433-2233

Stephen McNiff
Team Manager
(804) 420-1260

Randall Bland
Product Specialist
(804) 433-2201