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Business Savings


Business Savings Accounts



Money Market

Keeps your money growing and easily accessible!

Basic Savings

Makes saving easy!

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Earns more interest on your savings.

Opening Deposit



Minimum Balance

$1,000 minimum daily balance required to avoid a $15 monthly maintenance fee

$100 minimum daily balance required to avoid a $10 quarterly maintenance fee


Interest Yes, tiered based on account balance Yes, earns interest on all balances Yes, competitive interest rates based on amount of deposit and term of certificate
Fees $3 fee for withdrawals in excess of 6 per month** $3 fee for withdrawals in excess of 6 per quarter** Early withdrawals may incur a penalty, fees may reduce earnings

• Free Online Banking

• Check-writing capabilities


• Various terms available to complement your investment strategy

• Automatic renewal at maturity with a 10-day grace period

**Under Federal Regulation D, savings and money market accounts are restricted to six third-party withdrawals or pre-authorized transfers per statement cycle. All check withdrawals, as well as transfer withdrawals by telephone, online banking, wires or ACH, or other pre-authorized withdrawals, are included when counting the number of restricted withdrawals. Your account is monitored over a 12-month period. Exceeding these federally-established withdrawal limits could cause us to move your account to a checking account, which allows unlimited withdrawals.