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About Xenith

If you could build a bank from scratch, what would it look like?

Would you:

  • Hire only those bankers who are market-tested and seasoned enough to provide consistent, grounded and rational advice regardless of the state of the economy or industry?
  • Create an environment where your employees love what they do, are active participants in their communities, feel committed to their clients, focus on delivering exceptional service, and plan to stay for a good long time?
  • Place a priority on really getting to know your customers so that your relationships are personal rather than transactional?
  • Constantly offer your clients ideas about how they might capitalize on the good times, as well as strategies to navigate the tough times so that they are able to reach their goals?

These are precisely the principles we adopted when we established Xenith Bank.

Our founding vision was to combine the relationship focus of a hometown bank with the sophistication, and experience  of a larger bank. And we wanted to bring this unique combination of attributes to our target clients: mid-sized business, individuals, families, and real estate developers and investors.

Refreshing, right?

Come get to know us. You’ll be happy you did.

We’re your banking partner for the whole financial journey.

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