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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To create the bank you have always wanted to do business with… and the bank we have always wanted to work for.
At Xenith Bank, we have created an organization that enables bankers to practice their trade effectively. We are focused on the Virginia business, real estate and private banking communities, as well as select retail markets. We believe this powerful combination creates a platform for success with our clients, employees and investors.

Our Mission

To be a strong, substantial and independent Virginia bank.
Experienced bankers are the core of our business. A substantial capital base allows us to make large loans and do more for customers we serve. Our culture encourages freedom of thought, collaboration and decisiveness. This combination drives better ideas and results for our customers.

Our Values

  1. Create fans
    • Delight our customers
    • Treat people the way we want to be treated
    • Make banking rewarding for all of us
  2. Always act with integrity
    • Practice and promote honesty
    • Share the truth – even when it is difficult
    • Do the right thing – even when nobody is looking
  3. Act with energy and purpose
    • Be proactive
    • Be focused
    • Look for solutions and motivate others to do the same
  4. Collaborate
    • Value and encourage everyone’s input
    • Create teamwork through listening and mutual respect
    • Be considerate
  5. Continue to learn
    • Learning keeps us sharp, competitive and creative
    • We can always achieve more; learning helps show us the way
  6. Be accountable
    • We are accountable to our depositors, customers, shareholders and ourselves
    • We measure what we do and make adjustments to improve